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Sailor Hans Schipper has been tweaking his Triple A trimaran some more. He has come up with some rowing flappers.

It seems like coming up with a boat motor alternative is on the mind of small tri folks lately. Hans offers some pics and a short video below.

He writes:

The sailing season is starting up slowly. Last week I was invited to show a presentation of the Cool Finn om the Hiswa, the biggest Dutch boat show, as a example from creative re-use of old material for the Amateur Boat Building Award. I received an honorable mention. It was nice to be at at the boat show and meet other boat lovers.

Meanwhile, I worked on the foilsculler.

The triple-A appears to be a boat that lends itself well for trying experiments. After trying out a few times and making things over and over, the “rowing flapper” works satisfactorily. I made the foilsculler, inspired by the example of Ken Kingsbury.

The seat frame on the triple A provides an excellent point of attachment between the ama’s and the oarlocks and bars are nicely hidden under the seat. The rowing rods can be removed and inserted into a container so they do not get in the way when sailing.

I had got two one feet long aluminium wing-profiles from a boatbuilding friend what i mounted on a stainles steel rod so that it can make a limited stroke.

This rowing facility is lighter than battery electric and furthermore always stand by. I think that a row-flapper or foilsculler is a useful combination with a small tri.

Warm regards,
Hans Schipper