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Here is a little update on the Uffa 10 trimaran, which can also be seen here and here. You will see that it has a new rig (as shown in these new photos below).

Our friend Aurelio, who is the owner/sailor of this lovely little craft, sent me these photos a couple of weeks ago.

He shares the following …


Uffa 10 Trimaran with New Rig

Both the mast+boom come from C-Tech composites (in Auckland, New Zealand). The sail, however, comes from Italy (Ducksail).

This new rig works very well. The best speed achieved so far, which is a record for our 10 ft trimaran class, was about 10.8 knots (running).


I like the simplicity of maneuvering and speed of tack. The boat is the same as sloop version (there is only the new mast in forward hole deck). Now I do not need to change anything … but in future, I want test a little gennaker with a snuffer on bowsprit.

We are sailing on the northern lakes of Italy and Venice lagoon (see http://www.velalonga.com/ for more on this area). We are a member in the Diecipiedi Class Regattas. — Aurelio