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ultralight-trimaran-max-5The Ultralight 20 trimaran, designed and built by Warren Light Craft, is a high-tech, amazing sailing machine. Seriously.

Canadian sailor, Max B., currently has his UL20 up for sale. He has really enjoyed sailing it.

Max shares a few words about the boat here (below). He also provided us with some pics and also gave us permission to share the video he had posted on Facebook featuring his sailboat. If anyone is interested in contacting Max for possible purchase of his boat can reach him at: max_beraud AT hotmail DOT ca
If you’re on Facebook, you can check on Max’s page featuring the boat at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012819245191


Sailing the Ultralight Trimaran
by Max B.
Lac-M├ęgantic, Quebec

In the past years we sailed on a Hobie catamaran. Since my wife is not too secure on boats, I looked for a boat that would be more stable sailing flat. In my research on the net, I found your site and read about Warren light craft.



I had four choices: Windrider rave, Hobie wild cat, Weta and the UL20. I chose the UL20 because of the stability, size (the only one 20.4 x 15.2) , the weight and the price.

Also, the boat seamed relatively simple to store and assemble. I also went to visit the plant in Georgestown. I also liked the look of the boat.



We sail on Lac Megantic. It is a lake where the wind fluctuates and blows are present a lot.

We reinforced the pin attachment ama. The first year of sailing, we bent one. So I decided to reinforced all of them.

I feel the mast support is a bit weak. Last year, we broke a mast in two. The mast was replaced under warranty. On the first ride with the new mast, we bent it. The wind was around 14 knots though. The mast was once again replaced under warranty. It is a bigger one, 3” instead of 2.5”.

I received the boat in September 2013, so we took out the boat a couple of times and would assembly it every times.
The summer of 2014 and 2015 we left the boat at mooring. To make the assembly , it takes around 1 hour with 3 persons.

Between 0 and 3 knots wind, the boat performs really well. This boat needs only a small breeze to move. You can go wherever you want and enjoy. You stay dry :)

Between 3 and 8 knots wind, the boat is still very stable and very fast in acceleration on blow or when we change directions. In those conditions the boat performs better when you sail single. You can generate enough wind speed to double the wind speed.

More than 8 knots wind, it is rock and roll, it requires constant precision on sail adjustment and rudder. For me, I prefer to reduce the sail surface over 10 knots.

The boat is very stable and sails smoothly. My wife enjoyed sailing under 5 knots. As for me, I am not comfortable to push that boat at 20 knots.

We had a lot of good days with that boat but all of them were bellow 8 knots wind. I am too old to fight with elements.