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Uncovering the NINJA SPIDER Trimaran Magic Box

Love the name … NINJA Trimaran. Very cool, right? At least I think so.

Multihull designer Gerhard Schein, from SMG Multihull, must think it sounds okay too because we’re featuring his “NINJA” trimaran in this post. I’ve corresponded a bit with him and he sent me the following materials to share with small tri fans here.

To summarize this craft, in words taken from SMG’s website: “NINJA SPIDER is a very modern designed trimaran. With its chines on the hulls and relatively wide beams has the Ninja Spider similarity with a smaller version of the 2010 Americas Cup winner BMW Oracle.”

The NINJA is offered as either a trimaran OR a proa. The term “Spider,” however, is applied only to the trimaran design. And the tri version comes in 3 different configurations: SPIDER Resort, SPIDER Plus & SPIDER R.

The additional below information comes from his official brochure, which he translates into English for us. (He plans to have a full English-version of his brochure available as a pdf download from his website soon).

NINJA Trimaran Brochure Excerpts (in English)
by Gerhard Schein

NINJA is the new generation of intelligent designed sports boats: fast, fun and sexy.

At first glance it is noticeable that this multihull is fast and fun to sail. Top materials and an intelligent design ensure a high fun factor already in light wind conditions. The Ninja got its sexy design inspired from the big modern Multihulls and it will surely be acclaimed in equal measure.

Ninja Spider Trimaran - Top View

Ninja Spider Trimaran - Side View

With the Ninja it’s possible to sail fast without harness and there are many different and very comfortable seating positions. The modern slim hull design has “chines“ for easy planing and the hulls cut the water elegantly like wavepiercer. Acceleration in gusts is impressive and makes a sailor’s heart beat faster.

The Ninja outrigger hulls are designed with dynamic buoyancy in the bow. Together with the flexible beams this prevents under-cutting of hulls and the inconvenient result of pitch poling.

Ninja Spider Trimaran Sailing

The main sail has a modern square-head design without boom. This combines performance with safety.

A Ninja needs incredibly little space. The whole ready-to-sail multihull fits into a practical box of 470 x 80 x 85 cm – that‘s why it’s called „Magic Box“. Originally, the Ninja was designed as a “deck toy“ for big yachts. The heaviest part is the main hull with 38 kg. If you place the small parts (dagger board, rudder and sails) in the boot of the car the big parts of the boat can also get transported without box on the roof.

Unpacking the Ninja Spider Trimaran "Magic Box"

— The small package wonder for the big sailing pleasure.
— A fully ready to sail equipped Ninja fits into a box of 4.7 x 0.8 x 0.85 m.
— This includes hulls, sails, mast, equipment and tolly. The 2-piece mast is placed in the main hull.
— 2 bicycles in a row in the garage take approximately the same space as a Ninja box.
— With a bit of practice you can assemble a Ninja in aproximately15 minutes.
— As the box width is very small, it’s possible to transport 2 Ninja boxes parallel on a trailer.

The magic BOX enables all people with a passion for sailing to own a boat without the need to live directly on the water. Without sacrificing lots of space in the garage or garden, and without the need to calculate monthly mooring costs!

Intelligent connection assemblies are designed to assemble the boat easily. There are not even tools needed therefore. Only a key ring pendant in the shape of a stump Ninja blade is used as an accessory and aid. As a special feature the 2 parts Carbon mast has a safe storage in the main hull.

Ninja Spider Trimaran On Trailer


  • A fun trimaran for young people and those young at heart.
  • Dynamical hull design with chines enables easiest handling combined with speed.
  • 2 outrigger hulls are balancing the Ninja Spider perfectly and make it in comparison to Ninja Pro much more stable.
  • 2 big trampolines are offering extraordinary comfort in different seating positions.
  • Sailed alone and in consideration of weight the Ninja Spider is on of the fastest dinghies in its size on the water.
  • Sailed as a team or with kids (max 160 kg crew weight) the speed reduces automatically and the boat offers safe sailing pleasure for the whole family.
  • Ninja SPIDER is an excellent holiday resort and rental boat. The trimaran has a very high stability and is easiest to use. Small handling faults of beginners are quickly excused.

    Gerhard can be contacted directly thru his website. Click here to see more on the NINJA featured at SMG Multihull.


    1. I have some concern about the words planing and dynamic buoyancy used there (dynamic lift would be more appropriate).
      Long slim hulls with beam to length 1/10 to 1/20 are not planning one and provide very little dynamic lift. They are displacement hulls, relying mostly on buoyancy, however very performing as they have very low wave resistance.
      You need beam length ratio closer to 1/5 to get planing

    2. In reading this and other posts bothe on this site and elsewhere regarding “planing” trimarans, it seems that too much attention gets paid to technicalities and not enough to the realities of the situation, which is that if a displacement sailboat can exceed its theoretical hull speed and even make time over ground in excess of the true wind speed- something that long, slim hulled cats and tris do with some regularity- does it really matter if it is technically on a plane or not?

    3. Yes, it does matter. Don’t say planing if it’s not planing. I agree with Patrick. Sailboats are technical in nature and we should use correct language when describing their operation. It’s like calling a wrench a screw driver. I dislike hyperbole in advertising. I don’t like the part about acceleration making the heart beat faster. Any acceleration is always exciting, whether its this boat, another trimaran, a mono hull or a bicycle. I know hyperbole is the way of marketing types, but we don’t have to like.

    4. Regardless of any hyberbole, it does look like a very cool and fast trimaran. Tell me how fast it goes in ten knots of wind, and light and easy it is to handle. That would get me excited. If it was reasonably priced, I would get even more excited.

    5. I’m with ian. Hydrodynamic lift (planing) isn’t as important as sailing fast. So if the boat weighs 200 pounds (400 with someone on it), it already makes very small waves that don’t take much power to go past the displacement hull form drag caused by the waves created by moving through the water. If you want to plane, get a Moth or a sailboard!! Give me a trimaran, thank you very much.

    6. need a way of contacting ninja tri but hitting a brick wall. need to try one before buying.

    7. To Barry Arnison.

      The latest video posted – 2014 – ( google Ninja spider on you tube) has an adress at the end of the video: the guy is selling two boats, one of them used, professional molds and rights to build.

      Seemingly he was not able to sell much of his truely attractive idea, but it probably needs a better marketing structure. To me this thing is more attractive than other small tris of wide success.

    8. I am from Quebec Canada, do you have any dealer in Canada, if so where.

      If not , adout USA dealer.

      Thank you for your time


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