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Unique Sailing Kayak Trimaran From Germany

The following “segel kajak” a.k.a. ” sailing kayak ” in German, comes to us today from somebody who has developed a very unique trimaran kayak. As a matter of fact, it’s now being offered as a production model for sale in Europe.

The designer is a fellow named Krystof, who shares a good bit of info with us below. And you can see more of this boat, including videos, on his website at SegelKajak.com

I discovered this segel kajak from a smalltrimarans.com reader who emailed and asked if I’d ever seen it before (I hadn’t). And so, it was time to try and find out the basics about this lightweight, cartopable, small trimaran.

Krystof’s wife served as our go-between translator. (She did a great job too … not bad at all, especially considering this New Jersey boy can’t speak a lick of German).


The Sailing Kayak Trimaran from Germany
by Krystof

First, please note that I am a sailor, not a kayak paddler who uses the wind. In my youth in Poland I enjoyed a really happy life in a club of young sailors. I loved to win a regatta and I always thought about optimizing the speed and the sailing performance.

In 2007, a famous European sailing magazine a reported on the Triak trimaran kayak. That was the main impulse and beginning of realizing my dreamboat.

Sailing kayak from Germany

I wanted to create a futuristic boat – a sailboat with endless potential for speed and fun. So I started an in-garage production. The hull was based on a kayak I designed myself. It featured a hydrodynamic body, wavepiercing floats, a foldable outrigger and the unique rig concept.

I worked very hard – more than a long winter. The result was this small trimaran called Segelkajak P 4, 9.

The first sailing test was really great. It delivered all my expectations of speed, maneuverability and effortless fun sailing.

The length overall is 4,90 meter for the main hull, mast length is 4,00 meters, hull width is 0.56 meters and with extended outriggers it extends to 2,90 meters.

Unique Kite-Type Rig On This Sailing Kayak

The main advantages of this sailing kayak trimaran are the following:

The rig is an A-Mast construction that allows the sail to work like a kite. The wind lifts the boat out of water – no chance for nose diving. You can shorten the sail if the wind gets too strong.

Its main benefit is that the outriggers are foldable in 3 positions:
– for paddling in 45 degrees
– for sailing in 90 degrees
– for easy transport both fold away, close to the main hull
– for boarding/ deboarding the outriggers are separately foldable … one supported in 90 degrees position and the other folds away, so that you can step in and out with dry feet. (I demonstrate this in one video on our website).

The boat also enjoys the advantage of being very stable for sailing because of the foils that are integrated into the outriggers.

Control Lines for the Sailing Kayak

The centerboard is turnable & integrated in the main hull. This helps sailors pass hindrances just under the surface of the water and you also can drive on the beach with speed. The centerboard can be raised or lowered from a seated position.

It also features an ergonomic cockpit with a comfortable seat so the boat can be handled in a relaxed and easy way. You can lay down the mast from a seated position so that you can paddle if necessary. This also makes it easier to pass under little bridges.

The foot pedals on this sailing kayak are robust – they’re made of metal and are adjustable. They can be folded away, so that for transporting in the main hull as well.

A separate boat trolley isn’t needed for this sailing kayak trimaran either. The wheels can be integrated into the main hull so it’s possible to transport the boat fully assembled from the parking area to the water.

Sailing Kayak Trimaran Features Small Akas In Back of Seat

There is a roomy, dry storage area in the main hull that can accommodate a picnic bag or gear for a long outdoor trip. It assembles quickly — tool- free. And is also transportable on the roof of a car , like a normal kayak.

I’ve tried to include a number of clever details on this little trimaran … at the lowest possible cost … for the greatest possible sailing fun.

For more information about this sailing kayak trimaran, including videos, click on the following link and visit www.SegelKajak.com

Unique Sailing Kayak Trimaran Ready To Launch


  1. Great stuff ! Here the designer states quite clearly he is a sailor, nota paddler… However, this being a sailing kayak, it would be nice to see it in a folded/paddling configuration.

    More detail on the use of the hull without the sailing would also be interesting.

    Last point: what the prices for the whole and eventually for the amas and folding rig ? My german is weak too, and could not see thos on the site.

  2. http://www.tretkajak.de/fotos/index.html

    I had missed in the german site, that the paddling configuration is a completely different stance. This second paddling /peddling configuration by the polish/german designer is to me by far more interesting. It seems an excellent method to propulse small trimarans or any light boat for this sake…

    An ideal retrofit to many light boats. Any comments form other readers or designers on installing a pedal- propulsion on a small tri ? I think it would be very useful in inland waters where internal combustion motors are banned and where the weight of batteries for electric motors would be impractical. Thanks, Stefano

  3. Interesting — a stay-sail rig. These tend to be under great tension (and the hull is under great strain too), but perhaps scaled to this size the tensions are not so bad — the bipod mast is an interestingly simple solution, since otherwise the mast would need its own wire bracing? Certainly the clean flow over the the leading edge of the sail, besides its lift when off the wind, are welcome attributes. Glad to see this rig being tried.

  4. Being a happy owner to the Segelkajak P 4,9 I hereby can certify that this really is a funny boat to own and to sail. I sail it in lake Mälaren near Stockholm where I live. In my opinion this boat is a primarly a light wind vessel as it is very sensitive to hard gusts and as the floaters quite easily dig deep into the water. Maybe the floaters should have been designed longer/bigger??? But that is of course also a matter of sailing experience. By reducing the sail area this problem is solved in normal winds (< 10 m/s). The main disadvantage that have occurred to me is the difficulties to turn the boat when tacking (like most multi hull boats). To complete the turn you very often have to use either the rudder or a paddle (that you always should keep with you in this boat). But that might of course also be a question of my lack of sailing experience. One should also take in consideration that the ride with this boat might be quite wet even if the sea is not too choppy. I'm impressed and satisfied with the foldable outriggers – something very useful and a main advantage compared to the Triak. The adjustable sail works very well as well as the mast and rig. Well done, Mr Petelski!

  5. To improve tacking:

    Lean on the wrong side (the side in the direction of which you are turning) to set free the windward ama. This should help.

    Also, try to put your weight slightly forward or put 3-5 litres of water in plastic bottles on front of the boat. This should change things dramatically.

  6. Ok. Thank you. I will try this next time when I’m out sailing.

  7. Looking for info on the segal trimaran kayak or others like it.

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