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In this post, sailor Roger Saunders is giving away a trimaran he built years ago. He’d really love for it to go to another sailor who appreciates the craft.

Pretty neat!

Seriously. Who does this sort of thing?

I’m thinking, “Not too many.”

Details follow below. Anyone interested can contact Roger via his phone number — also shared below.


I have a 16 ft semi-hydrofoil trimaran that I designed, built and sailed years ago. I would like to give to a sailing enthusiast who would enjoy it, and perhaps further its development into a full hydrofoil.

It is cat rigged, with retractable foils. When the breeze is up and the foils are down, it is sailed from a flying trapeze.

I would like to give my boat to someone who would enjoy and appreciate this unique boat, as I did for many years.

Some of its attributes are that it can easily be car topped. It sails very well in light air with the foils retracted, the centerboard down, and the boat balanced by hiking out.

When the wind picks up, the hydrofoils are deployed, the centerboard retracted, and the boat balanced by hanging out in the flying trapeze. In this mode, the hydrofoils lift most of the hull out of the water, providing a stable ride, with only the aft end of the hull skimming the water. And there is the potential to add a small hydrofoil to the rudder to make it fully foiling.

I look forward to talking to interested sailors.
— Roger Saunders
(Update: 3/17/17: Roger has found the right person to give this boat to, so I’ve taken down his contact info. We are so glad the readers at smalltrimarans helped him find a new sailor for this boat!)