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Here is the sea trials report of David K’s newly launched trimaran dinghy in Ohio. Be sure to check out the first post, which talks about how this dinghy trimaran was constructed.


Dingy Trimaran Sea Trials
by David Kagan

Day One — Trimaran Dinghy Motor Launch:

The first launch of my new dinghy trimaran was a “motoring launch” in the St. Croix river, a national scenic riverway. It was deep shore to shore with sandy beaches everywhere.

Ready to Launch the Dinghy Trimaran

This motoring launch was pretty successful. The boat sat nicely in the water and moved great.

I thought I might have to mess with the strut length from beams to outriggers, but these are good to go. It’s stable side to side and moving around impacts fore and aft trim only a little. Not bad for an 8 footer.

Day Two — Trimaran Dinghy Sailing in Very Light Airs:

Sailing went well for our trimaran dinghy. The boat sailed all points of sail. And it was responsive to tiller with fingertip pressure.

Sheeting in sail while ignoring the tiller causes the boat to head up into the wind. I was hoping for this weather helm, but you never know until the boat gets wet. Better than lee helm.

Light wind today, 2 to 5 mph with some brief “gusts” at 8 mph or so; thus it was hard to see how it will really move. Bows had no tendency to dive. Very comfortable seating. Roomy for an 8 footer!

Very solid. No creaks, groans or things that need beefing up.

Mediocre tacking. Took 1 or 2 tiller pushes to complete tacks. Maybe this will be better with more wind and a block system so I can sheet the main in tighter as the tack progresses.

Not sure I’ll be able to make the footwell self draining. The waterline might be too close to the sole. Very dry ride, though. No water got into footwell or even splashed up through seats.

Never had enough wind to lift the windward outrigger. The 70 ft2 sail moves the boat nicely. Something like a 9.5 or 10.5 windsurfing rig might make this really go.

I’m also amazed at how comfortable this little dinghy is to sail for an 8 foot boat. People loved looking at it when I was at the launch. They wondered who built it and where you can buy one :-)

Dinghy Trimaran Saiing Under Very Light Wind