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vantage-475t-trimaran-4Sailor Algie Bennett is at it again. He is currently building another small trimaran.

He shows off some more of his serious boatbuilding skills too :-)

It’s no wonder, given all of his previous work with the CLC double outrigger kayak he built.

He is calling this model the Vantage 475T, although the name of this specific craft will be NEMESIS.

At the moment, you will see that only one ama is attached to the boat. Algie still took it out for a test sail though … hence the video below!

It’s is an open cockpit daysailer with plenty of room for a sailor to move around. It’ll have lots of buoyancy in the amas – to drive it hard and fast. And I’m guessing the whole package is going to be a rather light sailboat (compared to many others).

Be sure to visit the build page for this boat (link below) for more detailed pictures.


The Vantage 475T
by Algie Bennett

Finally got a bit of time to start my ISO dinghy based “skiffmaran” project – turning an ISO skiff into a trimaran. Calling it the Vantage 475T — when completed and the boats name is NEMESIS.

I’ve only made up one side of the frame and one float for testing and managed to drop it in the water this weekend – freezing cold but great fun and proves it is roughly in the right ball park.

I will make the other frame and a modified float shortly and test those this summer then replace the entire main hull with my own similar but revised designed all in stitch and glue ply.

The frame is currently lashed up quickly with mix of box and tube aluminium riveted together – the final version will be bent and welded and the frame fully integrated into the new hull when completed next winter I expect.

It handles really nicely as it is with immense stability already so we can get really confident about loading up the speed on it as winds and weather improve.





Here are a couple links:

First, the build page…

And the first quick video showing it under sail…

Kind Regards,
Algie Bennett