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Ian McGehee recently sent an to to me that he found on Craigslist advertising a “Yamaha Waterspyder.” The Waterspyder is a windsurfer trimaran.

I emailed the owner / seller, Ken C., and asked him for permission to post about it using the information in his ad. Ken kindly said, “Yes.” (Ken’s original post on Craigslist has since expired, and we invite him to post his contact info below in the comments area so that anyone interested in this craft can contact him directly).

Not many Waterspyders were produced. They were a commercial failure. But I’d certainly like to see one being sailed in the way it was originally designed to be used.

Ian also found a video posted on YouTube featuring a Waterspyder that has been converted into a small sit-down sailboat (with wider akas). The video down at the bottom, below the pics.

Thank you Ian for sharing these links with us … and thank you Ken, for giving us permission to publish your pictures and info!

Here is Ken’s information as it appeared on Craigslist…

Windsurfer made by Yamaha and designed by Jim Drake never used – $1900 (Palos Verdes)

Jim Drake, a designer of the windsurfer in 1967, has developed a cruising version of the sailboard. But instead of one hull, his new craft has three, a configuration that makes capsizing less likely. The spindly craft has two compartments in the hull for stowing gear like a tent, sleeping bag, food and water, goods that might be needed for long-distance trips.

The 14-foot center hull has adjoining outriggers, which add stability. The outside pontoons, called amas, are connected with aluminum tubing. The amas come apart so you can carry the WaterSpyder on a car. The WaterSpyder is made of fiberglass and Kevlar, a Du Pont fiber. The WaterSpyder retailed for about $2,600 in 1989 without masts, booms and sail. This windsurfer was never in the water and just out of the box to take a picture.







Here is the video of the converted Waterspyder…